Though the stories of these conservation actors span various disciplines and categories, they are all united by a common purpose. Through their dedication to conservation, these individuals worked to conserve and protect incredibly diverse ecosystems and species worldwide.

Bromelia anticantha Bertol. Cultivated in São Paulo. Procured from Minas Gerais. Margaret Mee, 1964. Permission for reproduction received from Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Rare Book Collection, Washington, D.C., Online Exhibits, Highlights from the Collections, Margaret Mee, The Paintings.
Margaret Mee, née Brown (1909-1988), was a British contemporary artist considered to be one of the most remarkable women of
K. Janaki Ammal was born in Kerala, India on November 4th, 1897. One of the first women in the U.S.
Olive Muriel Pink would spent a decade conducting research on the eastern Arrernte of Alice Springs and the Warlpiri of


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The Mpala Research Center’s Facebook Page celebrates some of the incredible Women in Science at Mpala. A few of their female scientists to reflect on their experiences and offer advice.  By highlighting the achievements of women in science, Mpala is not only celebrating their contributions to research but also recognizing their struggles navigating what was, for many of them, a non-traditional career.