Indigenous knowledge is knowledge that has passed down through generations, continuously shaped through observation and experience, customs, and cultural practices. Indigenous Knowledge Holders use their language, skills, and craft to foster a deeper shared understanding of the natural world.


This gorgeous website shares the voices of the Heiltsuk (also formerly known as the Bella Bella), the descendants of Heiltsuk-speaking peoples of the Central Coast of British Columbia, as they speak about the Húy̓at, an immense network of culturally important places in Heiltsuk territory. Heiltsuk lives, learning, and history are intertwined with the lands and seas of their traditional territory. The website features Heiltsuk memories, language, and oral traditions from community-initiated research, ethnographic sources, and archival documents assembled in the Heiltsuk Cultural Education Center (HCEC), as well interviews.

KUNSOOT Wellness Project

A collaborative vision for Haíɫzaqv land-based healing in Qíɫcutkv (Kunsoot).

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