These explorers endured uncertainties and hardships to build museum collections, create research archives, and publish chronicles that continue to inspire, enlighten, and educate. While some commanded expeditions, many of these explorers played integral supporting roles, such as navigating, recording, photographing, illustrating, mapping, and collecting specimens.

Bromelia anticantha Bertol. Cultivated in São Paulo. Procured from Minas Gerais. Margaret Mee, 1964. Permission for reproduction received from Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Rare Book Collection, Washington, D.C., Online Exhibits, Highlights from the Collections, Margaret Mee, The Paintings.
Margaret Mee: Explorer/Conservationist, Botanist/Scientific Illustrator
Margaret Mee, née Brown (1909-1988), was a British contemporary artist considered to be one of the most remarkable women of
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Bertha Parker Pallan [Cody] (1907-1978) is considered one of the first female Native American archaeologists.
Bertha “Bertie” Parker Cody: First Female Native American Archaeologist
Bertha “Bertie” Parker Cody is widely considered to be the first female Native American archaeologist. Cody, who also went by
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Courtney Letts de Espil: Borden-Field Museum Alaska Arctic Expedition of 1927
“One must wear white in stalking Arctic game,” quips author Courtney Letts de Espil (Mrs. John Borden) in her 1928
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Margery Carlson (1892-1985) Botany Research Associate shown [outdoors] with some of the packs of [plant] specimens she collected on expedition. © The Field Museum, B80585.
Dr. Margery C. Carlson: Botanist, Professor, and Conservationist
  “Every collector hopes that he will be able to bring home some species unknown to science, never before described
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Yvette Borup Andrews with squirrel, China, September 20, 1916,” Research Library | Digital Special Collections, accessed July 10, 2018,
Yvette Borup Andrews: First Asiatic Zoological Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History
In 1891, Yvette Borup was born to Mary Brandreth and Col. Henry Borup in Paris, France¹. Though both parents were
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Mina Hubbard: The Woman Who Mapped Labrador
Mina Benson Hubbard: Labrador Mapping Expedition
In an epic story of love, trials, and vindication at the dawn of the 20th century, the farm-raised daughter of
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Matthew Henson: Explorer, Scientist
Featured Image: Matthew Henson in Greenland in 1901.    “My thoughts were on the going and getting forward, and on
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Alice Eastwood: Pioneering Botanist, Explorer & Naturalist, Lifelong Lover of Flowers & Plants, California Academy of Sciences Curator of Botany
Alice Eastwood collecting plant specimens in the field, while holding her wooden plant press Childhood/Alice in Wonderland Alice Eastwood was
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Jane Tost and Ada Rohu: A Remarkable Mother-Daughter Taxidermy Team
In 1863 taxidermist Jane Tost (c.1817-1889) was the first woman to be professionally employed by the Australian Museum, and later
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