Storytelling abounds on the internet, with many wonderful websites that celebrate the trailblazers and agents of change from underrepresented groups who broke new ground, opened locked doors, forged new paths, and created something enduring.

We are sharing some resources that celebrate these individuals who helped expand and shape our understanding of the natural world.

Events, Films, and Exhibitions

American Folk Art Museum: 

Charting the Divine Plan; The Art of Orra White Hitchcock – Past exhibition: June 12, 2018–October 14, 2018

New York Public Library:

The Legacy of Pioneering Victorian Photographer Anna Atkins Celebrated– The exhibit is on view October 2018 through February 17, 2019

New Zealand International Film Festival:

No Ordinary Sheila (2017) film

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History:

‘Ladies First’ exhibit at Peabody spotlights women in STEM – The exhibit is on view May 2018 through April 2019.


Beyond Curie

Beyond Curie is a design project that highlights badass women in science, technology, engineering + mathematics.

Femmes of Stem

The Femmes of STEM podcast was created to combat the false narrative that women and minorities are newcomers to the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Women have always been a part of the past – the problem is that they have not always been a part of history.


This gorgeous website shares the voices of the Heiltsuk (also formerly known as the Bella Bella), the descendants of Heiltsuk-speaking peoples of the Central Coast of British Columbia, as they speak about the Húy̓at, an immense network of culturally important places in Heiltsuk territory. Heiltsuk lives, learning, and history are intertwined with the lands and seas of their traditional territory. The website features Heiltsuk memories, language, and oral traditions from community-initiated research, ethnographic sources, and archival documents assembled in the Heiltsuk Cultural Education Center (HCEC), as well interviews.

KUNSOOT Wellness Project

A collaborative vision for Haíɫzaqv land-based healing in Qíɫcutkv (Kunsoot).

Live Science Expert Voices

Invites experts in science & technology to provide insightful commentary and informed perspective on news, current events, innovations, big ideas and ongoing research. Expert Voices includes Op-Ed analysis and opinion as well as interesting observations from the field and science labs around the world.  They published a four-part blog series celebrating the contributions of women to the practice of conservation.

New York Historical Society – Center for Women’s History

The New York Historical Society’s Center for Women’s History is the first of its kind in the nation within the walls of a major museum. The Center explores the lives and legacies of women who have shaped and continue to shape the American experience.

Project Phaedra

The material exemplifies a unique history of women in science as the collection contains over 2500 logbooks and notebooks produced by the Harvard Computers and early Harvard astronomers.


The women scientists profiled here span several centuries and several nationalities. Despite many barriers, women all over the world have participated in unraveling the secrets of nature since the dawn of civilization.

Trowel Blazers

TrowelBlazers is dedicated to outreach activities aimed at encouraging participation of women and underrepresented groups in archaeological, geological, and palaeontological science.

Articles and Blogs

Audubon: Seven Women Who Made the World Better for Birds and People

Australian Museum: “The Women Behind the Work”

Cornell Lab of Ornitholody: The Forgotten Female: How a Generation of Women Scientists Changed Our View of Evolution

Ecowatch: 11 Amazing Women Who Made Wilderness Conservation History

Discover Wildlife: The Wonder Women of Ornithology

Mary Vaux Walcott and the Smithsonian Process

Meet Four Women Who Broke Barriers in the Outdoors 

Messy Nessy: The Real Ice Queens: Women Who Conquered The Cold Wearing Corsets

National Geographic: ‘Lost’ Book of Exquisite Scientific Drawings Rediscovered After 190 Years

University of Cincinnati: Sisters Illuminating Nature

Women in the Missouri Botanical Garden History

Reading Lists

The Ultimate Woman in Science Reading List: 150 Essential Titles

Female Illustrators in Natural History Coloring Book by the Biodiversity Heritage Library